Blogging refers to expressing one’s opinions, observations, and sometimes experiences through writing on a website. It can also be referred to as an online journal that provides a platform for writers to share their thoughts, promote themselves or other people. In other words, a blog can be whatever you want it to be.

Make money online

Through the internet, people have managed to air out their views, and their voices have been heard by thousands of individuals every day. Some bloggers post articles for fun, like the details of their days, celebrity dramas or political news, while others take it as a business opportunity where they get to advertise for individuals or companies. With their massive following, they attract a lot of clients who wish to market their products and services because they are bound to sell a lot. Of course with the sales, comes a fee for them from the service providers.

A typical blog should have the following sections

  • A Header- Mainly the header should contain the name of the blog and a tag line with a slogan that describes the purpose of the blog and what it entails. The header can either be displayed as a text or an image, but most blogs prefer a styled text. Navigation menus are also included like ‘Blogging Tools.’ Their numbers may increase depending on the number of posts.
  • Content Area- In this section, the primary content is displayed. The writer can choose to express his/her thoughts through a text or images or rather diagrams. The design depends on what the blogger wants to write or the information that he wants to pass across to the readers.
  • The Footer- In many cases, the footer displays the information about that particular site and the person who owns it.
  • The Sidebar- Sidebar, and widgets are used to improve the navigation of the site and also add enhancements to the blog.

For beginners, blogging might be a lifetime investment, you never know, it can either be full-time or part-time depending on the time available. The following are well-illustrated steps to start a blog that can you money:

Choosing a Blogging Platform

You need to select a tool that will help on getting your content up onto the web. Many people should recognize the chosen platform, must have been in existence for a long time, and easy to set up. The platform should also consist of providers, developers, and designers that can help customize the blog into the desired form. Security of the blog should also be a factor to consider.

Getting a Domain Name and Setting Up a Blog Hosting

Your blog needs an address that will enable readers to trace it. The address acts as its home, and it should be unique. The domain should also consider the factors concerning the trademark, and its keywords should be relevant to enhance the chances of the site being ranked higher in Google. For a blog host, it should be affordable, supportive in building your first website or others in the future. BlueHost is highly recommended because it is offering a setup and a domain name for only $2.95 per month.

Setting up a Blog

After acquiring domain and a host, installation of the blog platform should have no problem. Your host should guide you through all the steps of installation that can be illustrated in a video demo or through images. The alive chat support system can also be used that allows you to ask questions and clarifications. When you have the blog, you can now start earning money. Many beginners choose to start a blog for free, which is not a problem because they will still earn money, but they may not have the full control of the blog as they would want to. Therefore, a self-hosted blog like WordPress is suitable because its fee is low ranging from $5 to $10 per month.

Configuring your Blog

This step involves familiarizing with the blog and setting things up to make sure that it looks and operate just right. With a good platform and host, all this taken care of by providing tutorials that provide the relevant information needed. Some hosts allow you to install and use plugins to get extra functionality on the blog and direct on how to create categories and tags.

Designing your Blog

The plan aims at impressing and attracting many readers to your site. For a first impression, the design of the brand should stand out so as to beat the competition. There may be free design themes around, but to increase the chances of being recognized, a premium theme is recommended even though it will cost you to buy. The premium comes with its benefits, in that it will be fast, secure, have good search engine optimization, and easy to install and customize. For beginners, some tutorials provide skills to design and can do it themselves or rather hire a design to do the work for them professionally. The designer should be reputable and have experience in that field. But if you can’t afford a designer, in the beginning, worry not, because you can create a simple design and later redesign it when there are a variety of themes to choose and incorporate them.

Creating the Content

The next and the most important step is to start creating relevant content that will attract and serve your intended audience. With the blog visitors, you can make money. The blog is set waiting for the content after following all the steps. In this step, though, you have not yet become a blogger because no content has been posted yet. The first blog post should contain details of yourself and the blog, and it should be good enough to show up in your navigation menu to get people to know you. The posts appear on the front page of your blog after they have been published. The date and comments are also shown to indicate when it was established and people’s opinions. Once you have your first post, with time' you will get used to it and become a daily routine hard to control. The posts should be informative depending on the chosen topic. Some of the ideas include teaching new things, entertaining, solving problems, among others.

Other blogging tips that help make money include:

Building beneficial relationships Bloggers are required to build relationships with other bloggers, sponsors, people on the web and the social media who will direct traffic to their blogs. They should start where their target audience is concentrated before exploring other areas. Some of the social media sites include Facebook which almost everyone is familiar with, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others. Starting a group that people can follow is very crucial because you have a platform to pass any information across, interact, know them, and make friends. You can also participate in other groups, blogs, and forums owned by others. Once you have won their hearts, they will frequently visit your site and also recommend others to do so because they start liking and trusting you.

Staying Relevant The content produced should be valuable and helpful with the knowledge acquired through the whole experience. The blog should provide exposure, and help gain trust and authority because this is a time where building reputation is needed. Your blog should create a simple and informative experience for your readers. Through the content that you provide, you will earn respect and trust, thus, appealing to more visitors on your site. Do not shy away from trying out different tips to see what works best for both you and your readers. You are not supposed to use all the methods of course, and you can start with the most popular ones. Remember persistence is key because it will eventually pay off in the long-run.

Building your Credibility When you start a blog, you should be ready to put in your time and energy to building and developing it. Your site should not just sit around and wait for opportunities, rather, you are supposed to look for them, and at times, they may just be around us, but we are too relaxed to realize them. If you write a certain content and people like it, take the opportunities that come with the popularity and turn them into a money-making business. With the knowledge acquired, you may even get invited to talk on particular topics in conferences, or even come up with the idea of writing a book. Many bloggers have used this strategy and made blogging their principle source of income; it could be you, you never know.

Choosing Income Streams Blogging is not the only source of revenue for bloggers, but it is the platform for all other sources. Having gained a following and influence, products and service providers approach them to launch their goods with a price. Most successful bloggers have several income streams because they are not afraid to explore any ways that opportunities come. With the money, comes creativity, hustle and time. Different bloggers use different income streams, depending on what they like and are passionate. Some of these streams include: Products- Manufacturers and publishers choose to promote their goods through blogs. Authors and publishers approach well-known bloggers to help sell their books faster and at a reasonable price. Online also offers a platform for manufacturers and handmade products owners to market and sell their products. The bloggers will benefit from the income received and will be motivated to go on with what they do best, that is, to influence people. Intangible products can also be sold like themes, domains, EBooks. Blogs and websites can also be sold by obtaining a small blog, nurturing it until it attains the level at which it can be sold for profit. It would surprise you how much it costs. Selling tickets for big events and conferences also comes at a price to the organizers who choose to sell them through a blog. It may not cost them as much because the more the people get the information, the more the tickets sold, and so the more the money.

Affiliate Marketing- It involves promoting products and services by linking them using affiliate links. The blogger gets his/her commission when a buyer from the site clicks on the link to complete a purchase. There is a unique link that tracks the affiliate code that detects when a customer used your link. Writers often do these for companies and manufacturers. Affiliate marketing can be done through ad networks like Amazon Associates or through private partnerships with advertisers and businesses that have an affiliate program.

Services- Bloggers have different skills that they can utilize to earn money. They can be consultants, App Developers, Editors, Web Designers, Software Writers, Tutors, Web builders, and writing, of course, is their main specialization. With services, the success of the business depends on time available to offer them but it only requires a small amount to start, and there is no stock needed. To get orders, you need to participate in social media, forums and make people know you as an expert in your field. Writing for other sites is different from your own because you do not have to worry about running and maintaining it. It is also an advantage because you become a part of an established blog.

Advertising- With advertising, you can earn directly from blogging. Advertisers are not easy to find, and so the blogger needs to look for them by visiting other sites. If they find them, they can contact them offering to advertise their products and services, and of course, our ideas should be outstanding. In a site, there are graphics positioned either on the header, footer, or the sidebar which are referred to as Display Ads aimed at complementing the content of the blog to attract visitors. Through Ad networks, advertisers connect with the bloggers and hope that they ads are seen by the visitors to that particular site. They can click on those graphics to find and purchase the goods being offered. The Ad networks like Google AdSense, which is the most famous, Beacon Ads, BlogHer, also benefit by taking a portion of the partnership profit between the advertisers and the publishers. In the case of Private Ads, ad networks are not necessary to conduct a partnership. Rather, the arrangement is made directly between the blogger and an individual or a company. Either of the parties is obliged to contact each other first. Businesses can also supply free products to bloggers to be reviewed or to be given away to the readers. A blogger also gets to enjoy the free goods, but some still charge to run them which is not wrong at all because much time is spent writing posts and making follow ups with the giveaways. In case you don’t want to do a certain review, you can offer an ad space instead for the company, and you should negotiate where you feel necessary. In advertising, you should make sure that your values are not compromised and should also be patient to wait for the deserving partnerships. For a starter, advertising should not be a priority because it is likely to have low ad rates and a lot of requirements. Advertising takeaways have its benefits in that; it is easy to set up and maintain. It also comes with some disadvantages like many readers are ignoring ads, many bloggers have been banned from Google’s Adsense program for no reason, reduction in advertising rates, some ads have been rendered useless, and some make it look spammy and cluttered.

Investing in up-to-date training Blogging is evolving just like any profession. Social media sites especially have come up, and it is only wise to invest in professional training to stay current and sharpen your skills. It is also important to learn about the latest options for monetization. However, you should not worry because many resources could help like BlogHer events and site,,, and The information is free of charge.

Improving your Social Media and Photography skills Photographers need to acquire and learn new skills on image editing and social media because recently blogging has become mainly a visual medium. With visual social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine, traffic to blogs have increased and therefore, need to gain more skills to deal with them. Sites like has it covered by providing video tutorials on various topics of photo and video editing production. In some places, there are charges while in others it is free.

Deal with topics that you are passionate about

Writing something that you really like enjoy gives you the satisfaction and motivation to go on and on. When it comes out naturally and feels right, then it is worthy to write. The uniqueness of the blog helps beat the competition because it portrays a lot of knowledge. When it becomes a story that only you can tell, then it is the right thing.


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